Tow Cutter Reels

Whether you have a DM&E tow cutter or one from another manufacturer, we’re able to help with new replacement cutter reels. All of the new reels we make, regardless of the make of your cutter, are of unequaled quality with our most current technology incorporated into their design. Our custom made reels are configured to your specific applications. We provide absolute confidentiality on special applications and configurations, superior workmanship, competitive pricing, and delivery. You will not be disappointed with your custom configured tow cutter reel from DM&E. 

Tow Cutter Reels

As the world’s largest manufacturer of reels for radial blade cutters, DM&E manufactures cutter reels with cut lengths ranging from 1/16″ [1.5mm] to 6″ [150mm], as well as variable cut lengths and special configurations. Every reel that is produced is made to order for its specific application. Each fiber application is unique, and every cutter reel must be as well. 

Our cutter reels feature stainless steel construction, with aluminum hubs on larger reels. Depending on your tow cutter size and desired cut lengths, we can determine the blade configurations and exposures to precisely optimize the production performance of your lines. DM&E cutter reels have our patented split phenolic covers making them interchangeable reel to reel while reducing your parts inventory. 

DM&E cutter reels are available for other cutters. If it’s a Fleissner, Fare’, Mechanique, Huvis, Rishen, or a Neumag you can take advantage of DM&E technology in a new cutter reel.

Tow Cutter Reel Repair and Refurbishment

In addition to new custom reels, DM&E provides cutter reel repair and refurbishment for all makes of cutters. Whether it’s a Neumag, Fleissner, Fare’, Meccaniche, Lummus, or another builder, if you need repairs, we can do it.  We will provide a firm price quote before we begin any work, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses. Our repair services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Replacing broken, missing, or bent blade support pins
  • Straightening bent, warped, or damaged reels
  • Replacing damaged or broken phenolic covers; hubs and retainers
  • Emergency services including the expedited shipment of parts
  • Special modifications to resolve processing issues

As part of preventive maintenance and upkeep, DM&E can provide in-plant reel inspections and comprehensive reel maintenance seminars and programs. We consider ourselves your partner in the staple fiber processing industry, and we are committed to doing our part to ensure your success.

At DM&E, our clients are our most valued asset. With over four decades of experience in the staple fiber cutting industry, we are able to provide you with the very best in tow cutters and related equipment. Whether you require a new, custom-made radial blade cutter reel, or you are looking to have a reel repaired, DM&E can help. All of our fiber cutting equipment, including cutter reels, is high-quality, dependable, and efficient. Partnering with DM&E provides you the opportunity of producing the best staple fiber efficiently and consistently. 

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