About DM&E

DM&E was founded in 1975 as a manufacturer’s representative for companies that repaired and rebuilt machinery for local fiber producers and textile mills in and around Shelby, North Carolina. The company then established its own manufacturing facility to better control quality and delivery in 1976. Four and a half decades later, DM&E is the premier developer and manufacturer of machinery in the fiber industry. With an innovative and modern manufacturing facility and a staff of  expert engineers, DM&E has developed a reputation for solving problems with improved engineered components within and without the synthetic fiber industry. 

When the textile industry and synthetic fiber business largely moved out of the U.S. and into foreign markets, DM&E was able to continue operations and growth by supplying machinery to those overseas facilities. This opened the door for expansion into new opportunities and markets globally. Today, DM&E equipment is operating on every continent but Antarctica. It’s likely that every household in the U.S. has some fiber product that originated on DM&E equipment. From polyester fiber for clothing to the fiber in furnace filters or the microfiber mop on your floor, millions of pounds of synthetic fiber are produced at quantities and speeds unimagined decades ago.

The close relationship DM&E enjoys with its customers keeps them in close contact with emerging synthetic fiber technologies. The advent of exotic polymers and other technologies has created special challenges.  Carbon fiber, Kevlar™, Vectran ™, and other exotic fibers are today easily handled.

As DM&E’s customer base expanded during its 45-year history, the company has focused on installation and consulting services as prime components of its continued commitment to helping its customers develop solutions to challenging problems. These services help customers learn to apply the technical skills necessary to get the most from their diverse applications in the man-made fiber business.

At DM&E, our continual upgrading of existing technology reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, and robust solutions to the manufacturing of equipment for the man-made fiber industry. Our success and longevity are due to the advanced capabilities and continuous improvement of our machinery and our engineers’ expertise and innovation.