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At DM&E, we have developed components and equipment for companies with unique manufacturing problems for decades. Our custom solutions are used by companies in various industries, from medical equipment to food production to high-performance engines. Whether you need an original part modified or improved, a duplicate of an obsolete part, or a completely new component created, we have the expertise and resources to provide you with an effective custom solution. We can transform your drawings into finished products.

More about DM&E Custom Solutions

DM&E takes pride in creating quality custom solutions for your specific manufacturing challenges. If you have a mechanism, part, or complete unit that is no longer available or difficult to get, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps you have an original part that needs to be modified to meet specific manufacturing needs; we can help with that. Our engineers and designers can bring your hand drawings, CAD drawings, and 3D models of parts or machines to life. We have sophisticated CAD/CAM software that interprets 3D solid drawings into machine tool paths to produce exact shapes, from simple to complex.

Our machinists, mechanical engineers, and designers’ industrial experience ensures that the parts or machines will perform to the needed specifications, providing years of service for our customers. Suppose you need a complete machine designed and produced for a specific application. In that case, our experts will create original designs, build and assemble parts, and test the final unit before delivering the machine.

 Established in 1975, DM&E provides companies worldwide with machining, fabrication, and assembly of parts and equipment. We appreciate the opportunity to work with your company and look forward to giving you the precision quality you need.

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