310 Motor Controlled Tension Stand

The DM&E 310 Series Motor Controlled Tension Stand utilizes “state of the art” web tensioning technology developed for the paper industry. DM&E Corporation first applied this technology to fiber tensioning in the early 1990’s. Since that time we have been refining this process, resulting in superior tow tension control. The 310 Series Brake Controlled Tension Stand will add controlled tension up to 250-lbs. (1,112N) to a moving tow band.

The 310 Motor Controlled Tension Stand utilizes an omega wrap nip roll, dual driven rolls and an integrated dancer. The dancer is coupled to a PLC that controls motor speed. Tension is provided by employing the motor as a generator returning power to the source. If incoming tension is higher than the required exit tension, the motor will drive the system to maintain proper exit tension. Tension is maintained even when the line is stopped with a pneumatic holding brake.

There is an optional 500-lbs (2,220N) system for special applications.  Stand-alone versions can be supplied with regenerative VFD systems.