Reels for Other Cutters

Fleissner, Neumag, Fare’, Mechanique, Risshen, and others, have supplied customers with radial blade cutters and cutter reels. You may have a cortadora de fibra, a Snijderhaspel, a bobine de coupe rotative, a arotierendes Messerrad, ruota di taglio, a roterende skærerulle or a cutterhjul.

Regardless of the name you will ultimately require a repair or a new cutter reel for your cutter. Do your products need to change to keep up with a changing market? Have you finally decided that your old cutter reels cannot produce the quality that your customers demand? Perhaps you have exceeded the usefulness of the old equipment. It may be the time to have your old reels repaired to restore their life or it is necessary to get a new cutter reel with a different staple length.

Has your cutter manufacturer closed his operation and can no longer support you? Your calls and inquires go unanswered and you need some help! DM&E has the answer to your problem. DM&E can repair your cutter reel. Better yet, we can deliver new replacement reels. New reels that will be configured to adapt to your changing market.

Replacement DM&E cutter reels employ the latest technology and materials. Technology that has been perfected over more than 40 years developing better solutions for staple fiber cutting. DM&E reels feature replaceable phenolic covers (flanges), and advanced construction for long life. We do not use the “One size fits all” approach. Each reel is custom engineered to consider the staple length, dtex, and total tow size.

And don’t forget we also have new cutters with the latest technology!