Stage 3 Reels

Want to process large tows on short cut fiber? Investigate Stage 3 reels.

Development of STAGE-3 reels originated from a demand from customers to produce large volumes of short-cut staple. Prior to development of STAGE-3 flock reels, blade exposure was limited to 19 mm when cutting 3 and 4 mm lengths and 25 mm when cutting 5 mm to 10 mm. Input tow was limited to 1M denier [111 ktex]. Cutting large tow bands required DM&E to re-engineer the interior of the cutter reel. STAGE-3 flock construction improves flow of cut fiber through the cutter reel. It also permits a substantial increase in blade exposure and subsequently tow capacity.

All very short staple length cutter reels use shaped posts between the upper plate and the lower blade support ring. STAGE-3 reels have novel support ‘posts’ or ‘pins’ to position the lower ring. STAGE-3 design nearly eliminates suppport posts. Although raw material and manufacturing costs of STAGE-3 reels are more expensive, these reels have proven themselves in their capability of processing high total denier applications. Customers have reported continuously processing 3 mm staple on 300 ktex tows.

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