40 Series Tow Cutter

Many large fiber producers use the 40 Series Cutter to produce samples and eliminate interruptions on large production lines. It also finds use on pilot lines and light production manufacturing. The 40 Series employs all the features of DM&E cutters in a compact and straight-forward machine. The 40 Series is rated at 500,000 denier and 165 meters per minute line speed. With a production capacity of 1100 lbs per hour it offers the same cut quality as its larger brothers. All cutter reels use the short staple cutter blade and many have multiple cut length options. The reels only weigh 32 lb [14 kg] and may be easily and safely handled by one person. With a 40 inch cutting circumference, the 40 Series cutter can supply cut lengths from 0.080” [2mm] to 6” [150mm]. A 5 HP [3.7kw] variable speed AC drive is standard. The Integral Tension Device is included to add tension to the incoming tow.