60 Series Tow Cutter

The 60 Series cutter with its 60 inch reel circumference offers full production cutting of over 8 tons per hour of staple fiber. Standard features are all included. The 10 HP [7.5kw] solid state digital AC inverter drive works in coordination with a separate holding brake to prevent loss of tow tension when the production is interrupted. This results in less down-graded fiber. The presser wheel system, tow guides, discharge chute and other options can create a cutter to solve any production problem. Cutter reels are compatible with original Lummus Mk4 reels. Reels are attached with a through-the-spindle drawbar for ease of installation and a powered reel attachment (RAD) is an option. The Cutting Load Meter (CLM) is standard. Cutter reels are available for staple lengths 0.080” [2mm] to 7.5” [191mm]. The DM&E Mk4 and 310 Series Tension Stands are compatible with the 60 Series cutter.