90 Series Tow Cutter

The 90 Series can supply nearly 20 tons of staple every hour. Powered with a 20 or 30 HP [15 or 22.5 kw] motor, solid state AC inverter drive and a double reduction belt train the 90 Series can be tailored to your exact processing conditions. Like the 60 Series, an integral brake prevents loss of tow tension when the cutter is stopped. As with the 40 and 60 Series cutters the monopost design allows fiber to be discharged to the front, rear, side or bottom of the cutter. The 90 Series comes standard at a 48” [1.2m] tow height with a 57” [1.4m] tow height available. Cutter reels are compatible with Lummus Mk5 reels, and are available in cut lengths 1/8’ [3mm] to 7 1/2” [191mm]. The 310 Series Tension Stand is designed for use with the 90 Series cutter. The DM&E Reel Attachment Device (RAD) option is frequently selected and the Cutting Load Meter is standard.