Mk4/Mk5 Tow Cutter

In 2000 DM&E purchased the radial blade tow cutter product line from Lummus Industries. This included the Mk3, Mk4, Mk4A3, Mk6, Mk5 cutters and Mk4 and Mk5 tension stands. The Mk4 and Mk5 have received the DM&E upgrades including a pneumatically loaded presser wheel, integral brake and variable frequency inverter drive. The Mk4 can supply up to 7 tons of staple every hour with its 10HP [7.5kw] motor. The Mk5 is powered with a 20HP [15kw] motor and will process 10 tons of staple fiber per hour. The Mk4 and Mk5 come standard at a 57” [1.4m] tow height. All 60 and 90 Series DM&E cutter reels may be used. Cut lengths from 1/8” [3mm] to 7.5” [191mm] are available. Both DM&E Mk4 and 310 Series Tension Stands may be used with the Mk4 and Mk5 cutters. The Mk4 and Mk5 offer the price sensitive purchaser a further option for staple fiber cutting.