CL-21 Tow Crimper

Whether it is the workhorse on a small production line, or producing test samples, the DM&E CL-21 tow crimper is an amazingly versatile machine. Designed and built for continuous service, the CL-21 has a capacity of 500,000 d [555 ktex] and speeds to 450m/min. It has a swing-open stuffing box for high speed thread-up, and easy maintenance. A wide range of box geometry is available, and a nearly unlimited option list make the CL-21 a custom fit for any application. The DS-20 Dancer provides a perfect pretension control. The CLV-21 with its integrated dancer and compact size make it an excellent choice where space is a premium. When mated to the 40 Series DM&E cutter a small but complete production line can be actualized.